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More GrizandNorm tips. These are just amazing… simple, effective, to the point and instantly usable.
If you guys don’t know about GrizandNorm, you should definitely check them out.


Tuesday Tips — Painting a shiny object

the steps are:

1.  matte base object

2.  add ceiling reflection 

3.  highlight

yes, it is that simple.  Throughout the years, I learn to edit.  It’s unnecessary to paint or render every single grain of hair and detail.  It’s about communicating the idea across.  A lot of it is about believability.  I find this technique works for me.  And as always, it is a good idea to practice it on a simple basic primitives.  (I know, I know, it’s not the most exciting thing).  But you will be surprise on how fast you can paint when you master your basic shapes. 

Attached are gif I made to show you my steps on a sphere, and one of my shoe illustration I painted using the same technique.

"Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20."

honkasaurus asked: what's your favorite joke?


what did the chicken say to the crying girl: dont worry they love me for my breasts too


Landscapes by Selenada


I couldn't do anything but destroy,but you taught me how to grow.you made me from #12 into Finnian.


I couldn't do anything but destroy,
but you taught me how to grow.
you made me from #12 into Finnian.